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Zoom introduced a new mid-tiered solution, Zoom Sessions, that bridged the gap between its existing Meetings, Webinar, and Events products. As part of the e-commerce UX team, I was responsible for designing solutions across the entire online experience.

The Problem

Zoom’s current offering does not have key in-session features that customers are willing to pay for, causing sporadic usage, confusion among customers, and lower stickiness among marketing buyers. This is due to the fact that the current offering does not address the needs of the marketing buyer versus IT and internal comms buyers.

Root Cause

The current offering lacks key in-session features that customers are willing to pay for, while the existing Webinar product is perceived to have low value. Additionally, current customers are predominantly IT or internal communications buyers, while marketing buyers are using Zoom’s competition.

The Solution

Zoom Sessions: a new event management solution that delivers much-needed flexibility and expanded features for single-session events.

The E-Commerce end to end experience

Pricing Page


Billing Portal

My Role

The goals of this initiative are to combat churn, increase MRR, and facilitate collaboration. Zoom plans to achieve this by introducing a SaaS + Consumption pricing model, increasing pricing to match the increased value of its products, and increasing flexibility within the product to allow teams to collaborate on events and encourage more usage.

Team's Responsibilities

I worked with a great team of UX designers and was brought on this project past the halfway point. Our responsibilities included defining the end-to-end experience for the new product initiative, developing different touchpoints such as the pricing page, buy flow, and billing portal, creating a UX strategy and UI design, and managing team dynamics.

My Responsibilities

I was responsible for creating responsive designs of the Pricing Page. I built prototypes for user testing. In addition to the pricing page, I worked on the buy flow. Introducing a new pricing model, pay per attendee, created a layer of complexity. In the billing portal I worked on the cancellation flow.

Pricing Page

Subscription Cycles


A/B Testing


Configure Products

Cancellation Flows

Accounting for all instances and edge cases


We successfully launched the new product, Zoom Sessions, and introduced a new pricing model that allowed customers to pay per attendee for both Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions. This initiative also strengthened collaboration among teams and developed processes for working cross-functionally. Overall, Zoom Sessions has been well received and has helped combat churn, increase MRR, and facilitate collaboration.